HElium X.

X. is our freedom space 

Helium X. explores motion design, augmented reality, urban art, 3D, graphic design, music videos and much more. It`s a place for artistic experiments through all visual disciplines. So no matter what you do, do it with us.

Your an Artist? Join us at HELIUM X. 
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Want to be a part or our X. League?

X. is where visual senses, people and technology become one. We invite new talents and embrace diversity in any possible ways. 

We focus on:

Film & Photo

Design & Aesthetics

  • Strong understanding of graphic design principles, including typography, layout and proportion

Layout & structure

  • Pleasing compositions with an interesting and creative layout
  • Logical class naming and structure - your class naming is flawless, follow correct spelling and use a logical naming


  • Strong sense of empathy for the customer and end-user
  • Great communication skills and availability to provide stellar template support in a timely manner

Personal skills

  • Strong work ethic and a positive attitude
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